About Us

Facemodelling Artistry Massage Training Academy was established in 2019 thanks to a strong and relentless passion for face massage and unconventional, yet natural methods of face rejuvenation. The meaning of the word ‘modelling’, implies moulding, shaping, and sculpting. That’s what the name refers to – facemodelling meaning face sculpting, face remodelling, and face shaping.

Dominika Dracz-Le Grange, the owner and founder of Facemodelling Artistry, is originally from Poland, where the approach to beauty and younger-looking skin involves starting young and taking care of the skin through suitable treatments in order to prevent issues, rather than trying to fix them when it’s too late.

Dominika says:

‘At the age of 6, I remember accompanying my mother to the beauty salon. While sitting and waiting for her, I would observe the peculiar procedures done to her face, unaware at that time that these procedures would become my passion later in life and that I would qualify as a beauty therapist one day.’

My mother used to say, ‘Face massage is your best friend and your best face cream,’ and after all these years, I couldn’t agree more.

Dominika became a qualified beauty therapist in 2007 and immediately embarked on her journey in the beauty industry, starting as a therapist in a salon and eventually becoming a national and international trainer for renowned beauty brands.

Years of international travel and teaching therapists from different countries, continents, and cultures provided her with extensive experience in delivering effective teaching methods. Her passion for both education and treatments led her to establish the Academy, where she could teach the most advanced methods of face rejuvenation and rehabilitation.

“I’ve travelled the world, and I must say that the best and most effective face massage methods I’ve seen, learned, and experienced are in Eastern Europe – in Russia, Latvia, Poland, and Hungary. Therapists in these countries are unparalleled and among the best in terms of knowledge and massage techniques.”

This is why Dominika wanted to bring the same approach and passion to the therapists she now teaches. She believes that you can recognize a good therapist as soon as they touch your face – and this is true! It’s all about the therapist’s touch, heart, energy, and passion. Being a facialist or massage therapist is a way of life. If you don’t enjoy your job and have no connection with your client, you won’t be able to provide a good treatment – it’s as simple as that. That’s why it’s a challenging profession; it requires a difficult path, and not everyone can become a good therapist.

Facemodelling Artistry Massage Training Academy introduces a completely new approach to face massage and skin aging, along with the latest youth codes. It’s a place where you can experience and learn the true art of face transformations, based on deeply rooted Eastern European knowledge and practice. This is where you can experience the true power of human touch.